Long Hill Baptist Church aims for global impact

This month, Long Hill Baptist Church is celebrating the congregation's 59th anniversary in Trumbull.

"We've come a long way since the church was started by a small group of local residents in 1957," says Pastor Robert Hammond. "While our congregation remains smaller, we're thankful that God is using us today to reach people both locally and around the world."

Despite it's smaller size, the church supports 10 missionary families that are establishing new churches in the United States as well as countries including Canada, England, Kenya, Ghana (West Africa), and the Philippines.

For Hammond, an important part of that effort is getting the Bible into the hands of people who desire to read it.

"We're partnering with a ministry called Northeast Baptist Seedline to assemble and distribute portions of the Bible to people around the world," explains Hammond. "Last fall, our members assembled five thousand scriptures for distribution both here in the area as well as in the Philippines."

The scriptures are provided to people at no cost, says Hammond.

This month, church members will be assembling scriptures in the Kannada language for people in India. The church will dedicate those scriptures in its anniversary service on Sunday, May 1.

"It's rewarding to see boxes of scriptures piling up in the sanctuary for the dedication service," says Hammond. "And it's exciting to know that, after 59 years, the efforts of a small number of people in Trumbull are still impacting lives both locally and around the world."

The community is invited to learn more by attending the congregation's 59th-anniversary service at 11 a.m. on Sunday, May 1.

Long Hill Baptist Church is located at 100 Middlebrooks Ave.

For more information, visit the church web site at LHBaptist.com or contact Pastor Hammond at 203-268-5104. E-mail may be sent to office@LongHillBaptistChurch.com