Underberger — I would be honored to serve

Lori Lobel Underberger
Lori Lobel Underberger

Our community needs a Judge of Probate who is compassionate, fair, inclusive and responsive, and who doesn’t have a political bias.

As Probate Judge, I will preserve autonomy for all citizens while also providing a safety net for those who need it. I will provide an environment in which people feel heard and respected. My broad legal experience combined with my calm demeanor and commitment to family ensures that I will support the needs of all families in the community - regardless of their composition – and every individual.

The Judge of Probate is the only elected judicial position in Connecticut. This is an opportunity for the voters to choose an official who will be involved in the most sensitive aspects of their personal lives – including the management of estates, the appointment of conservators to act on behalf of adults who are physically or mentally unable to take care of themselves, the appointment of guardians for children of families in crisis, and the finalizing of adoptions.

From personal experience, I know that the Probate Judge’s decisions can profoundly impact interpersonal relationships. The Court must foster fairness, respect for family ties and a caring approach. The procedural process must be easy to navigate and efficient. All members of the Court must respect unique family constellations and dynamics and not complicate already stressful situations resulting from the infirmity, incapacity or death of loved ones

I am cognizant of the needs of the community as a whole. I grew up in Trumbull in the house where my parents still live. My husband Dan and I have lived in Easton with our children for more than 20 years. As a mom, I have been a community advocate, working with middle school theater, chairing the youth committee at Congregation B’nai Israel, and volunteering with the Easton PTA. I also well understand the importance of fiscal oversight, having served for 4 years as Treasurer at Congregation B’nai Israel, during which time I reactivated, and chaired the Investment Committee.

I am also familiar with the legal issues that impact the communities served by the Probate Court. During my thirty years of legal practice, I have drafted wills and trusts, advised on estate plans, tax laws and corporate law. I also have broad experience in employee benefits, through employment with Pullman and Comley in Bridgeport and Reid and Reige in Hartford.

More than ever, public servants must have a heart and mind that work in tandem. We must be both proactive and reflective, working for a common and a public good, and not a personal gain. We must always seek to do the work of understanding: we must see the issues before us as problems to solve and opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

I will be that public servant. Please vote on November 6.