Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respective frontrunners for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations, topped the tallies in Trumbull in Tuesday's presidential primaries.

Trump carried more than 60% of the Trumbull Republican vote with 1,946 votes. John Kasich was a distant second with 28.3% of Trumbull Republicans, with Ted Cruz getting nearly 10% of the vote with 323 ballots.

Trump won the Connecticut race, and all 28 GOP delegates. As of 1 p.m. Wednesday, Trump had 58.2% of the vote, 110,641 ballots. Kasich was second with 28% of the vote, Cruz third with 11.67%. Trump won all 28 Connecticut GOP delegates.

The Democratic race in Trumbull closely mirrored the statewide contest, with Hillary Clinton carrying 53% of the local vote, Bernie Sanders 45%. Among all Connecticut Democrats, Clinton carried nearly 51% of the vote, Sanders 47%.

With 91% of precincts in Connecticut reporting, Clinton had 50.93% of the Democratic vote, Sanders 47.24%. The statewide Democratic delegate count saw Clinton picking up 27, Sanders 25.