Tesoro — We face many challenges

Vicki Tesoro
Vicki Tesoro

It is with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility that I write today. I am humbled by the confidence you have expressed in me and I am honored to have the opportunity to continue to give back to our great community. I want to thank the many who have reached out to me both during the campaign and after the election. I will do my best to justify your faith in me.

I want to thank and acknowledge all of our neighbors who stepped forward, took time out of their busy lives and ran for office. While it is impossible for every candidate to win a seat, all who ran deserve our thanks and our respect irrespective of the outcome. Your voices were heard and will continue to be heard. I am committed to working together regardless of party for the betterment of Trumbull. There is much work to be done and differing opinions on how to solve our problems, but, I believe that through open dialogue we will overcome any obstacle.

We face many challenges in the coming days. Our budget has gaps that must be closed. Our taxes must remain stable for Trumbull to remain competitive with surrounding communities. Our education system must remain strong. We need to preserve the character of our Town while simultaneously encouraging the development we need. We must be certain our Town has the services and programs that benefit each and every citizen. We must expand public participation in our government processes.

This is a very important time for Trumbull. State and national issues demand that our citizens be engaged. I am excited to work with the qualified and capable people who were elected and hope they join me in an attitude of inclusion, cooperation and compromise. In this regard I pledge to lead by example by seeking out differing points of view and treating everyone with respect.

I started my campaign with a comment that “It is not about me but about we.” For me that is not a campaign slogan but core belief. We have an obligation to put aside politics for the greater good. At the swearing in of our elected officials I quoted President Kennedy and I think that quote is worth repeating. President Kennedy said, “Let us not seek out the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. “

That is our challenge and we should embrace it. I certainly do. I am energized to serve this wonderful community. I recognize our challenges but I am very excited for our future. Let’s work together to make it the best possible future. As I have said many times, we are better together.