Tesoro — We are better together

Vicki Tesoro
Vicki Tesoro

Our local election is less than two weeks away. I have enjoyed the opportunity to again meet so many residents of our wonderful town and listen to their concerns and ideas. I hope that my team and I have the privilege to serve you.

I am proud of my team. They are smart, hardworking and committed to making our community even better. They reflect the best of our community. They are former Republican leaders, unaffiliated voters and Democrats. They are senior citizens and people with young families.

They are people with substantial government experience and people who are seeking elected office for the first time. They are educators, technology professionals, finance professionals, attorneys, businessmen and businesswomen, a veterinarian, health professional, retirees, and so much more. They will bring substantial experience and diverse expertise to our council, our Board of Education, our Board of Finance and other Boards and Commissions. Trumbull needs that kind of experience to face the challenges ahead.

All these people have one thing in common, that is, their commitment to do the right thing and think independently. I would not have it any other way.

As I walk our community, meet people at the many coffees and meet and greets that I have attended, and in questions I have received on my Facebook page, I have been asked why am I running? The answer is simple. We need our government to reflect the best of our community. We need a government that is civil, transparent, and a government that listens more than it lectures. We need a government that remembers that it serves you, not a particular ideology or personal agenda. We need a government that will ask the hard questions and will do so with respect. We need a government focused on Trumbull’s future not one that repeats political talking points of the past. We need a government that actively seeks out differing points of view and accepts criticism as an opportunity for improvement. That is what I want. That is what my team wants. That is what we will deliver.

I bring substantial experience to the role of first selectman. I have the professional experience, the life experience, the volunteer experience and the government experience to make an excellent first selectman. I am well prepared for this role. As a volunteer and elected official, I have attended hundreds of meetings of virtually every board and commission and I have spoken out on issues impacting our town. I have developed working relationships with the key Town officials and department heads. Those relationships will serve me well if I have the honor of being elected. I have demonstrated the ability to bring people together, find compromise, and solve problems.

I reject conventional political thought that says negative campaigning wins elections. My campaign is clean, fact based and forward looking. No negativity and no nonsense.

I am not asking you to vote against anyone. I am humbly asking you to vote for me and my team. We are better together.