Tesoro — The fight to be heard is far from over

Once again, Mr. Herbst is making incorrect statements. Let me be clear, he emphatically states that the Democratic Party is tied to this initiative, we are not. He says my campaign coordinated this initiative, we did not.

Now that Mr. Herbst’s inaccuracies have been corrected, I am astonished and appalled that he would characterize this initiative as frivolous. It is an insult to nearly 3,000 voters that signed the 7 districts petition so their voices could be heard. It is an insult to the citizens of our community who tirelessly gave of their free time and gathered these signatures. Mr. Herbst and his party oppose their efforts to give the people the right to be heard. I and my party stand shoulder to shoulder with the people.

I have some news for Mr. Herbst, this fight for the people’s right to be heard is far from over. I believe that the 7 Districts configuration is the right one. It makes voting easier with 7 convenient polling places, it creates 7 equally balanced districts not four unbalanced ones and it gives the minority party a strong voice in the running of our community. We believe this is right for our Town and we will bring our position to the people in November. If the people want a voice in how their government is structured, they should elect Council Representatives who will give them that voice. It is really this simple, elect my team of democrats and unaffiliated candidates who will listen to you or vote for those who want to tell you what is good for you.

Since Mr. Herbst feels free to talk about the dollars the administration spent to deny the people the right to be heard, I suggest he take the time to explain the millions of dollars he wasted during his administration on legal fees, unnecessary legal opinions, and consulting fees.

EDITOR'S NOTE — Democratic candidate for first selectman Vicki Tesoro released the preceding statement in response to First Selectman Tim Herbst's comment made here that the legal challenge for a referendum on returning to seven districts was "nothing more than political theatre and was coordinated between plaintiffs’, Mrs. Tesoro’s campaign and the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee. Trumbull voters should remember the thousands and thousands of dollars incurred by the Town to defend against this frivolous political stunt."