Democratic first selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro issued a plan to move the Trumbull school system forward over the next two years and beyond with an emphasis on small class sizes, improved SAT scores and a more challenging curriculum in a press release Monday, Sept. 21.

“Every student should have the opportunity to reach their potential,” Tesoro said.

“An outstanding education system is the anchor for a strong, healthy and desirable town,” said the Town Council member. “Most of us, whether we’re new parents or seniors, empty-nesters or mid-career, moved to Trumbull because of its reputation for fine schools. With a quality education system, we increase our property values and attract top-notch teaching professionals.”

But for the last six years under the Herbst administration, the town has provided a level of funding that has barely covered operating costs, rather than truly investing in education, Tesoro added.

The release said that Tesoro and the rest of her ticket believes that different budget priorities, plus cost savings in both the town and Board of Education budgets, will allow measured investments in education resulting in year over year improvement in our school system.

Specifically, Team Tesoro’s goals include:

  • Providing a more appropriate level of funding for the Curriculum Department. We believe that the district should engage in a forward-thinking assessment of curriculum to meet our students’ needs now.

  • Maintaining small class sizes at all levels.

  • Exploring the addition of a science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) program in our curriculum.

  • Expanding access to Advanced Placement and honors courses at Trumbull High School to provide opportunities for students who wish to challenge themselves.

  • Reallocating our resources to improve SAT scores

  • Rethinking our approach to foreign language instruction, and finding ways to bring foreign language education to the elementary level.

  • Updating our technology curriculum to provide a more appropriate level of elementary, middle and high school technology readiness. More emphasis should be placed on coding, for example.

  • Continuing to improve student mental health services and programs.

  • Eliminating or reducing pay-to-participate fees. Every student should have the same opportunities in the public schools regardless of affluence.

  • Creating a long-term plan for infrastructure improvements and staying with it.

  • Funding a student resource officer at Trumbull High School.

“We believe the Board of Education should be the town’s greatest advocate for education,” Tesoro said. “The Board of Education should request budgets that provide for the needs of the students and the school district. It is up to other town bodies to determine how much the town can afford to pay. Excellent schools prepare our youngest residents to pursue higher education. Great schools help parents ensure their children become productive members of society. Great  schools enrich all of us, while ensuring we stay a desirable town to move to and to live in.”