My name is Jenna Zakhour and I am a senior at Trumbull High School.

All of my life, I wished to be the girl to make a change. Whether it was for standing up for gay rights or supporting women, I have always been outspoken on my views.

I was given the opportunity to help organize the THS walkout on March 14. The turnout was outstanding. Weeks of planning truly paid off, and I am proud of not only my committee, but of the entire student body.

Students ran up to me afterwards, thanking me for the efforts my colleagues and I have made to ensure their safety in school. We care about them. We want kids to feel safe in school. Is that too much to ask for?

There is another side to this. A side where people say, "Walk up instead of walk out. Walk up to those who are bullied..." and so on. Yes, I agree. I have been anti-bullying since I was able to walk. I am an active peer leader and annually participate in the Truth About Hate assembly at THS.

It stuns me to see parents telling others online (especially on Trumbull Talks) to be nice to one another, when they are the ones bullying others for supporting the children who walked out.

Today, after thanking my teachers and the Trumbull Police for their efforts, I was told by an "adult" that I am "uneducated" and I need to care more about school.

After the walkout, a mother ran up to my friends and me and screamed at us for today. She said we are all going to hell.

Adults, please think about what you are saying. Before you go and blame others for the negativity in this world, take a look at yourselves.

Jenna Zakhour

Note — An earlier version of this letter misidentified the social media page critical of the student walkout.