State reps talk politics over pizza

State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123), Laura Devlin (R-134) and Ben McGorty (R-122) hosted a pizza and politics constituent event at Old Towne Restaurant in Trumbull to discuss the just concluded legislative session. More than a dozen Trumbull residents attended.
Over a slice of pizza and to promote a Trumbull small business, the three Trumbull state House members entertained questions and concerns from residents in a casual conversation on the major issues that shaped the 2015 legislative session, including the proposed tax hikes by the majority party, the state of transportation in Connecticut, including tolls, and any new laws passed that may affect residents.
Residents also discussed the state’s penchant for spending more than we can afford leaving structural budget deficits in future out-years. They also talked about the so-called property tax relief for Trumbull and whether the state will keep its promise or take the money for future budget shortfalls, as it currently does with the Special Transportation Fund.
“The turnout was great, but it doesn’t surprise me. The people of Trumbull care about their state and they inspire us to work hard for them,” said Rutigliano. “It’s always a pleasure to meet with residents and keep the lines of communication totally open. This is how government is supposed to work.”
“This was a fun way to meet residents and to hear their concerns on the direction of our state,” said Devlin. “As your elected officials, it is important that we keep people informed of what happens at the state Capitol and listen to what they have to say. We are their voice.”
McGorty thanked all the residents who took the time to come out to the event and share their thoughts.
  “What happens at the Capitol has a direct impact on our communities, and many important things happened during this past legislative session,” he said. “It was a good night to share in that discussion.”