Seeking second chance, Ganim wants to reform justice system

Joe Ganim
Joe Ganim

Saying he wants to reform Connecticut’s criminal justice system, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is seeking a second chance in the Aug. 14 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Ganim has been serving his second stint as Bridgeport’s mayor since 2015. He was previously mayor of the city from 1991 until 2003, when he was convicted on corruption charges. He was released from prison in 2010.

He is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for governor in the Aug. 14 primaries. He is running against Ned Lamont, the endorsed candidate. The winner of the primary will run against the Republican challenger. Ganim did not get the Democratic party nomination at the convention, but successfully petitioned to be on the Aug. 14 ballot.

Ganim said he will work for criminal justice reform, saying it is skewed against communities of color. He wants body cameras on police officers. He also wants to do more to help people facing jail time. He supports counseling, job training and jobs for those looking for them after a time in prison. For those people who are facing drug charges, in most cases he supports rehabilitation over serving jail time.

He said he is looking to create “common-sense” gun law changes, prison reform, boost the state’s economy and more if he is elected the next governor.

Ganim wants for “common-sense gun safety measures to prevent gun violence.” He said he wants to ban bump stock devices and to increase the minimum age to buy a semi-automatic weapon. Currently, the law says to buy a semi-automatic weapon, one must be 18. Ganim wants to move it to 21 years old. A semi-automatic weapon is a pistol, rifle or shotgun. They include AR 15s and UZI shotguns.

He supports legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana for people 21 and older.

He said he knows the economy needs help.. He wants to change tax and zoning laws. He supports a $15 minimum wage aoiand unions. Ganim said investing in community and technical colleges will help employers find skilled workers.

He also wants to rebuild transportation infrastructure, which, he says will create jobs and help make it easier to get to work.

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