Rutigliano seeks fourth term in 123rd District

David Rutigliano
David Rutigliano

State Rep. David Rutigliano, R-123rd, will seek re-election this November, according to a statement from his campaign.

“It has been the honor of my life to represent the fine people of Trumbull in Hartford,” said Rutigliano, who is currently serving his third term. “My job as the state representative is to fight for the people I represent and to make sure I do right by the people that sent me to Hartford.”

Rutigliano said residents in the state have a unique opportunity this year to change the state’s course.

““With a new governor and a new legislator we can begin to rebuild our economy, rebuild our infrastructure, and most importantly rebuild our reputation,” he said. “Much damage has been done over the years, especially under the Malloy Administration. I am committed to being part of the process to rebuild”.

In addition, Rutigliano said he would work to create opportunities for young people to stay in the state and start families.

“”Connecticut does not always have to be last and on the losing end of things,” he said. “If we can restore balance to our system of taxation, reform regulations, and fix our aging infrastructure we can turn things around. Connecticut has so much to offer if we could just set our economy free.”

In his six years in office, Rutigliano said he has been an advocate for job training, fewer employer mandates and lower taxes as a means of invigorating the state’s economy. This past session he was appointed minority whip by House Republican Leader Themis Klarides. A party whip is a leadership position tasked with maintaining discipline among members. The whip encourages members to attend voting sessions and vote according to the party’s official policy. Rutigliano also serves on the Labor and Public Employees, General Law, and Regulation Review committees.