Redgate — 'I feel this was a win'

Michael Redgate
Michael Redgate

An election that didn’t go their way failed to dampen the enthusiasm at Michael Redgate’s campaign gathering Tuesday night. While those in attendance had hoped the petition candidate would prevail, supporters still considered his strong showing at the polls to be a win.

“I still feel this was a win for us tonight because we did get some residents to see that someone is listening and cares about what is right for their town,” Redgate told a small but happy group of supporters after the results came in. He said he still believes in one Trumbull and “leadership that serves the people rather than the parties on the ballot.”

With the election over, Redgate said he would go back to work at his Trumbull business.

“I plan to continue doing what I’ve always done, which is to stay involved in this community, working toward causes I believe in,” he said. He did not rule out another run for the town’s top office, saying that it depended on the next administration.

For now, he said, he would support the new leadership in any way he can.

“I’m not done learning or growing, and when I listen to my fellow residents, that’s when I learn,” he said.