Officials to be sworn in Monday

Vicki Tesoro plans to put her campaign promise of inclusive and open government into effect on Day 1 of her administration. Actually, before that.

Tesoro’s inauguration Dec. 4 will include participation from all the town’s schools, the Police Department Honor Guard, and representatives from all three volunteer fire departments and Emergency Medical Services, among other groups. The ceremony begins at 7 p.m. at Trumbull High School and a reception follows immediately after in the school’s senior lounge.

“Right from the beginning, I wanted to practice what I preached during the campaign,” Tesoro said. “We said all along we wanted to bring the town together, and it starts when all the newly elected officials get sworn in.”

Though she officially begins serving as first selectman next week, Tesoro said she has been in meetings continually with town officials and employees.

“One person’s term ends, another begins, and the town has to keep on going,” she said. “We have a party on Dec. 4, and then Dec. 5 is a work day and it’s time to get started on the budget.”