State Sen. Marilyn Moore (D-22nd), who represents Trumbull in the state Senate, has raised $68,175 in the first 42 days of her primary challenge campaign for mayor of Bridgeport. The money came from 671 individual donors who made a total of 713 contributions.

Moore said she was humbled and encouraged by the support, which she said came from people in all walks of life.
“My contributors are social workers and teachers, food service workers and taxi drivers, attorneys and librarians, artists and police officers, plumbers and carpenters, the retired and the young in their careers,” she said. “My support cuts across gender, race, age and economic status, and comes from Bridgeport and surrounding communities.”
Of the 671 donors to her campaign, Moore said, more than 300 came from Bridgeport.
Moore is challenging incumbent Joseph Ganim, who has been busily fundraising himself. Ganim on Tuesday hosted a campaign fundraiser in downtown Bridgeport at Brewport. The event, in which donors paid between $250 and $1,000 to attend, raised over $80,000. Ganim, who was elected in 2015 after previously serving as mayor in the 1990s, has been fundraising for the past two years and has a campaign war chest of about $274,000.
Moore said her underdog campaign was based on hope.
“I am very honored by the fact that in our great city of Bridgeport, over 300 people heard the call and came forward to donate what they could, with passion and commitment and a hope for a better future,” she said.
Brian Lockhart contributed to this story.