Moore named director of Women Legislators Lobby

Marilyn Moore
Marilyn Moore

State Sen. Marilyn Moore, D-22, will serve as one of the directors for Connecticut’s Women Legislators’ Lobby. Moore represents Trumbull in the state Senate.

The Women Legislators’ Lobby is a program of Women’s Action for New Directions, which seeks to reduce wasteful Pentagon spending and redirect it to human needs. It is a national nonpartisan network of women state legislators, including more than one-third of current women legislators and a growing contingent of Trailblazers, women who are no longer serving but wish to remain active in public policy affairs.

State Rep. Susan Johnson of Windham will serve as the lobby’s state director in the Connecticut House of Representatives. The two plan to work together to recruit more members. “We will also be connecting members with each other and with statewide elected women,” Moore said. The two will also be advocates by “connecting with partners or chapters for speaking engagements, adapting, signing and disseminating occasional opinion columns and letters to the editor, and encouraging colleagues to sign letters and resolutions petitioning Congress on critical budget and policy matters.”

Other responsibilities include co-hosting receptions and briefings at the state Capitol and identifying potential sponsors and donors for events and programs.

The Women Legislators’ Lobby provides a link from state capitols to the U.S. Capitol, through updates about the federal budget and policy decisions, Moore said. In the 115th Congress, 51 legislators joined the lobby.