Moore — We are at a critical moment

State Sen. Marilyn Moore
State Sen. Marilyn Moore

Serving as your State Senator is the highest honor of my life. I promise to continue to conduct myself in this role with honesty, integrity, and compassion — and to continue to get results that improve our lives and our communities.

I have a wealth of experience being a community activist and I feel those experiences make me a well-rounded Senator who connects with all the citizens in our district, from all backgrounds and walks of life. As a lifelong Bridgeport resident and community advocate, I’ve been a force for advocating for health equity, living wage, and legislation that supports and protects Connecticut communities.

I am founder and president and CEO of the Witness Project, which seeks to address and reduce breast cancer mortality for low income minority women. I fight in the battle against hunger by serving on several boards in Connecticut, including End Hunger CT and Food Solutions New England Coalition.

During my first term, I took a job at Target to experience first hand what it’s like to try to make ends meet through a low-wage job. This experience opened my eyes to the struggle that thousands of Connecticut residents face everyday and strengthened my commitment to fight for a living wage.

As Senate Chair of the Bonding Committee, I’m uniquely positioned to be able to bring back resources to my district for capital projects. This year I secured millions of dollars for projects in our district, including funding for Trumbull's Stern Village, Bridgeport's Discovery Museum, funding for libraries, and much-needed improvements to our schools.

As your Senator, I continue to be a tireless advocate for Family and Medical Leave; a fair and equitable living wage for workers; and health equity. When Republicans tried to strip our budget of essential safety net programs, like Husky A and the Medicaid Savings Plan for seniors, I fought back and we restored them into the budget. I believe in everyone's right to access quality and affordable health care — and I will continue to fight for access for all.

Over the years, working in diverse situations helped me develop the strength and capacity to ensure that my constituents are fairly represented in an increasingly challenging economy. I never back away from my positions and I stand by the work I’ve done and continue to do, representing our community. I care deeply about my constituents and really listen to your concerns with an independent mind -- in order to find solutions that will benefit our community.

We are at a critical moment as a state and a nation. Misrepresentations and lies are a strategy Republicans in Washington and Connecticut are using to try to divide our country. We can choose to be led by divisive tactics or to come together as one to fight for all. I have delivered on my promises, I hope that you all will cast your vote for justice on November 6th. Our democracy depends on it.