Lavoie — Budget veto must be overridden

Paul Lavoie
Paul Lavoie

I am incredibly disappointed in Governor Malloy’s veto of the bipartisan budget that was recently passed by the CT legislature. I have been saying for many weeks that the Governor’s proposed budget punishes Trumbull residents by taking money away from our schools and passes Hartford’s fiscal mismanagement onto our backs.

While the bipartisan budget that was approved by the legislature is by no means perfect, Trumbull residents clearly do better under its plan. Why should Trumbull residents be forced to pay for other communities failed fiscal policies and receive zero dollars promised to us for education. Trumbull residents send $80.4 million in state income tax to Hartford and now we will receive nothing.

We have worked hard over these past eight years to put Trumbull on firm financial footing. Great schools, great finances, fully funding our pension obligations, and municipal bond upgrades has made Trumbull a community of choice.

Governor Malloy should take note and follow our lead. Yet again, he and most Democrat legislators have resorted to their predictable standby solution of raising taxes, increasing spending, and prioritizing failed policies. Every time there has been a Malloy tax increase, there has been a Trumbull endorsed Democrat voting for it. We’re asking all of our legislators to resist partisan conformity; don’t tax more and don’t spend more, live within our means, and call for the override that protects Trumbull students, Trumbull seniors, and all taxpayers.

I refuse to stand quiet while Hartford looks to fix their problems by taking from Trumbull residents.  The silence has been deafening from other First Selectman candidates. That is why I am calling for all candidates to join me in repudiating Governor Malloy for vetoing the budget and calling on our state senator and state representatives to vote to override his veto and pass the bipartisan budget that will protect Trumbull’s residents.

This is not about political parties.  This is about doing what is right for Trumbull.  The job of the First Selectman is to protect the citizens of this town, and that includes their hard earned money. I will not support a budget that hurts Trumbull and I will not be silent, even if others choose to be, while the decisions that affect our town are being made. The approved bipartisan budget is the budget that protects Trumbull residents. Join me in calling for an override of the Governor’s veto and let’s show Trumbull that we can put party loyalty aside and work together to protect Trumbull residents.