Herbst to GOP candidates — Debate or get out

Former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst recently threw down the gauntlet at the four Republican candidates for governor who skipped the first party-sponsored debate, calling on them to attend the second debate Jan. 10 or exit the race.

“The four eligible Republican candidates who skipped the first debate should show up to the second debate in January or drop out of the race,” Herbst said. “As a candidate, you have an obligation to face the voters, answer questions and share your vision for saving our state.”

The first party-sponsored debate on Dec. 6 attracted six candidates, plus state Rep. Toni Boucher, who has formed a committee to explore a run for higher office but has not declared herself a candidate for governor.

Herbst’s comments come on the heels of the first debate, which, according to a non-scientific text and social media poll conducted by the state GOP, indicated a plurality of viewers thought Herbst won. Herbst garnered 28% of the votes, compared to candidates Prasad Srinivasan (22%), Peter Lumaj (18%), Mike Handler (15%), Dave Walker (10%), Boucher (2%), and Steve Obsitnik (2%).

The second debate is scheduled for Jan. 10 at RHAM High School in Hebron.

“I was honored to have the opportunity to share my vision with voters last week in Windsor, and I look forward to keeping the momentum going in Hebron next month and at every party-sponsored debate going forward,” Herbst said. “Struggling Connecticut families deserve to hear from candidates who will level with them about the scale of Connecticut’s challenges, what they will do to tackle them and how they are going to win next November.”