Herbst raises $20,000 for state run

First Selectman Timothy M. Herbst's exploratory committee recently raised about $20,000 in donations from a fundraiser held at the Italian Club in Bridgeport. The fundraiser was attended by approximately 200 supporters of a Herbst bid for statewide office, including Trumbull Police Union President Robert Coppola and numerous elected officials and business owners.

In a written statement, Herbst said he was overwhelmed by the support he had received, stating:

“Everyday I am receiving hundreds of Facebook messages, donations, emails and calls from concerned voters who want to help save Connecticut. It is abundantly clear that voters want candidates for state office who have a record of success on the local level and who can take the fight directly to Gov. Malloy and his insider allies under the Golden Dome. People in Connecticut want to rally behind someone who has been through the meat grinder, won tough races and who is ready to offer our state a real path to prosperity -- not gimmicks, cuts and higher taxes. The hundreds of people who came out tonight to join Team Herbst are not just Republican Town Committee members. These are police officers, firefighters, small business owners--Democrats, independents and Republicans--who know we cannot afford four more years of job-crushing, tax-hiking policies from Hartford.”

The Tim for Connecticut 2018 exploratory committee, filed by Herbst in January 2017, allows qualifying contributions under the Citizens Election Program to be used for any statewide, non-federal office in 2018. Candidates for governor must raise $250,000 to qualify for the CEP grant under the program. Candidates for other constitutional offices must raise $75,000 in qualifying contributions.