Herbst pulls town from state coalition

First Selectman Tim Herbst is withdrawing Trumbull from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, according to a statement he sent to conference Executive Director Joe Delong. According to the group’s website, the conference is dedicated to advocating for municipalities in Hartford and pooling buying power to negotiate lower-cost services for member communities. The conference lists 166 of Connecticut’s 169 communities as members.

Herbst, who is running for governor, said the reason for Trumbull’s withdrawal is a January financial impact analysis that the conference endorsed, calling for a 1% tax on hotel and restaurant sales and an optional .25% local sales tax, among other proposals.

"I will not ask the taxpayers of Trumbull to continue paying dues to an organization that increasingly advocates for damaging tax hikes on already struggling Connecticut families and businesses," Herbst said. "It is unfortunate that in recent years CCM has drifted in the direction of supporting the kind of job-crushing, tax-hiking policies that have wrought terrible damage on Connecticut's economy.”

Trumbull’s annual dues to the organization are $22,815.