Herbst hits fundraising goal

Tim Herbst — timforconnecticut.com photo
Tim Herbst — timforconnecticut.com photo

Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst has raised more than $250,000 in qualifying contributions under the Citizens Election Program, according to a statement released Wednesday. Passing the threshold puts Herbst's campaign on track to receive a grant of $1.25 million for the Republican Primary through the program.

Herbst said he was humbled at the support his campaign has received.

"Thousands of Connecticut taxpayers have rallied to this campaign to elect a proven reformer and Hartford outsider to shake things up under the Gold Dome,” he said. "I could not be more grateful for the incredible effort this feat took from scores of friends, family, supporters, volunteers and event hosts — almost all hardworking Connecticut residents who care deeply about fighting for the future of our state.”

Herbst said over 90% of the donations to his campaign have come with in-state, and said he is the only GOP candidate to refuse donations from Hartford lobbyists.

"We are building a grassroots movement to dismantle the status quo under the Gold Dome and restore prosperity to Connecticut,” he said. "Our support comes from every corner of Connecticut and from hardworking taxpayers who are willing to invest their hard earned dollars in our campaign to upend business-as-usual in Hartford.”

Herbst said that his campaign would continue to raise buffer funds before submitting a CEP grant application to the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The commission can disqualify donations for various reasons, so candidates traditionally try to exceed the required amount before applying for grant funds. Herbst said passing the $250,000 mark would allow him to focus on winning political support ahead of the state Republican convention in May.

"Having cleared this key hurdle, we can now turn our full attention to the case for a new generation of leadership in Connecticut to Republican activists at the convention and GOP voters in the primary beyond," Herbst said.