Herbst: State labor deal is ‘smoke and mirrors’

Tim Herbst
Tim Herbst

First Selectman Timothy M. Herbst, who filed an exploratory committee for statewide office in January, called an outlined concession deal between Gov. Dan Malloy, Democratic leaders and organized labor interests “smoke and mirrors” and said it did little to improve the state’s finances.

"This concession package is all smoke and mirrors designed by Malloy, Democratic insiders and big labor special interests to masquerade as real reform while in reality only papering over our state’s rapidly crumbling fiscal foundation," Herbst said. "This is about insiders in Hartford trying to generate political cover to demand more sacrifice from struggling Connecticut families, retirees, towns and businesses by pretending big labor has already done it's part.”

Herbst urged Republican lawmakers in Hartford to oppose the deal.

"Only lasting, structural reforms to our state's broken pension system can break Connecticut from this fiscal tailspin, stop the pattern of damaging tax hikes and local cuts and restore prosperity and jobs,” he said. "The time for bold action and true reform is now. Tthe time for gimmicks, half-measures and kowtowing to big labor special interests is over."