Garrity: I will make a difference

Fred Garrity
Fred Garrity

Thank you all for your support during this campaign. It has been an enlightening experience to say the least.

Controlling spending and keeping taxes in check has to be everyone’s number one priority, with Education funding and Transportation upgrades at the top of the list.

I am asking for your vote on November 8 to represent Trumbull in Hartford. I have spent 20 years volunteering to help make a difference in charitable, and civic roles, simply because it’s the right thing to do. My message has been consistent, I want voters to look at my record.

I have actually saved jobs in Connecticut, reversing the plant closure of Norden in the 1990’s, saving 700 Defense jobs, which required the skill and ability to work across the aisle at the local, State, and corporate levels.

My 15 years’ of leadership experience on municipal Land Use boards has provided positive controlled growth of businesses and increasing jobs in our area, adding to our tax rolls, all while maintaining our quality of life. I was able to avert the threat of affordable housing with effective regulation changes. The Democrats and Republicans on the Regional Planning Agency unanimously voted me Chairman twice, for my leadership and negotiating skills. Having spent most of my career working with unions on both sides of the table, as a labor leader and then senior management, I understand how to protect workers, and how to protect the bottom line.

Like most of you, I am disheartened at the bad judgement and lack of integrity shown by both national candidates running for President. We are living in an information age where the most private details and communications of people’s lives can and are being made public. We are better than this.

Focusing on the State, I am running for State Rep because I know I can make a difference, using my proven abilities, my proven accomplishments working across the aisle to benefit our district and our State.

Partisan gridlock is holding back our state, not a single party. My opponent, while a nice person, has voted 662 times along her party’s line. She has cast votes that I certainly disagree with. Laura Devlin voted against The Pay Fairness Equity Act that is now law. This prevents employers from barring employees from sharing their salary information with each other. How can you support a women’s right to equal pay and then vote against her right to know she is being discriminated against?

Changes need to be made in Connecticut, we need to allow our DOT experts more flexibility in their daily operations. Local school boards control their budgets, but CT requires the DOT to appear at OPM hearings to simply adjust budget items. This is a small example of inefficiencies that need to change.

I will certainly work for more education, and transportation funding to strengthen our area.

I have made a difference locally, Vote for Fred Garrity and I will make that difference for us in Hartford.