Democrats: Herbst has 'exact wrong temperament' to lead

State Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement after First Selectman Tim Herbst announced his candidacy for governor Thursday. Full story coming.

"With Donald Trump pushing an agenda that threatens Connecticut families -- proposing a health care bill that would strip coverage from 23 million people, a budget that would slash education, and a set of environmental policies that not only don't prepare us for the effects of climate change, but actually cost jobs --  we need a governor who will stand up to this administration and fight for Connecticut's values. Unfortunately, Tim Herbst would do the exact opposite.

"His tenure in Trumbull, which consists of years of bullying, using taxpayer funds to attack his political opponents, and treating his position as nothing more than a stepping stone to higher office, has taught us everything we need to know about Tim Herbst. In short, this is someone who has modeled his 'leadership' skills after Donald Trump, and has the exact wrong temperament to be Connecticut's governor."