Deecken — Don't believe the narrative

As a 25-year Trumbull resident who has served as a Planning & Zoning Commissioner, and a history teacher at Bassick High in the Bridgeport Public Schools, who else has a better relationship with both of these communities? Who else has more stake in the future success of both Trumbull and Bridgeport?

My opponent once famously claimed she would “take back what belongs to Bridgeport” following her primary win over former State Senator and current Town Treasurer Anthony Musto. My question to all the voters is: what has she taken back for our district in four years compared to our previous state senator?

I don’t believe in her narrative that the district is Bridgeport vs. the suburbs. Whether you go to an urban school like Bassick High where I teach, or a suburban school like Trumbull High, parents want the best for their kids. They want them to be prepared for life after high school - be it 2-year college, 4-year college, or a trade or technical school, and self-sufficient with a job that provides a fulfilling career. This is what concerns me most as a father of a two-year-old daughter who will be entering Trumbull Public Schools within the next few years.

Connecticut is at a crossroads. People are concerned. Young people are worried they can’t find employment following college and paying off massive student loans, and retirees are worried they will be priced out of their homes by the rising cost of living in Connecticut. Young families are worried about their employment and future opportunities for career advancement in a state that not only is losing population, but has increasing difficulty balancing budgets to provide services and programs like education funding for their children and senior tax relief for their parents.

I’ve put forth ideas in previous opinion editorials on how education can be an economic driver, how tolls will only exacerbate the affordability problem in Connecticut, and how our Governor’s current state corporate tax incentive policy is unfair and has actually done more harm than good in recruiting and retaining businesses.

As a teacher I understand your concerns on education, and as a zoning commissioner I know the pressures to bring in additional businesses to alleviate the burden of local residential taxes while trying to preserve the character of our community. As a 31-year-old husband and parent, I am fully committed to living in Trumbull for decades to come. As a teacher, I will continue to serve the students of Bridgeport. There is no other place for me I would rather be. Being both a teacher and a parent, you can entrust me to safeguard education funds and ensure our district receives its fair share of money from Hartford.