Commentary: Congratulations, candidates...and a note of concern

Here in Trumbull it is the beginning of the local political season. Over the past week our local political parties have held their nominating conventions. These conventions are an opportunity for those running for elected office to articulate their vision for the future of our town, and to find common ground within their respective town committee. Regardless of whether you’re affiliated with a political party or not, these Trumbullites should be congratulated for stepping up and volunteering for their community.

While we are on the topic of conventions, one of which caused me take pause. The keynote speaker at the Trumbull Democratic convention, Middletown Mayor Dan Drew. To be clear, Trumbull Democrats can choose whomever they want to speak at their meeting, but it is concerning which elected official and current gubernatorial candidate they chose to present and champion the Trumbull Democratic Party’s values at their convention.

Dan Drew, the current mayor of Middletown and candidate for governor, is a socialist advocating for the same failed policies that have lead our state into the current never ending financial trouble. Drew says and believes Governor Dan Malloy’s economic policies failed to achieve their goals because they didn’t tax enough or spend enough. Really?

He is a big city mayor who believes in suburban and rural wealth redistribution. He vilifies residents in towns like Trumbull that in his view fail to pay their “fair share”. Dan Drew is an advocate for government run single payer healthcare, “free” college, tolls, legalizing marijuana, which our TPAUD does not support and “property tax reform”, double speak for “Trumbull would pay more” and send more money to the cities. Some of this may sound nice to a few, but how and who is going to pay for it?

Possible the most troubling issue is Dan Drew’s personnel decisions. Drew recently hired his former campaign manager, Geoff Luxemberg as his new Chief of Staff in Middletown. This man runs what is considered the nastiest Democrat campaign consulting firms in CT, the Vinci Group. His firm engages in vile personal attacks, and has a reputation for mudslinging at the highest level. Political campaigns all over CT are littered with the remains of these negative and inappropriate attacks. As a state representative, Luxemberg was threatened with discipline over questionable business practices by then CT Democratic Speaker of the House, Sharkey. Needless to say, Luxemberg chose not to seek re-election. It is my sincere hope that we are not about to experience another round of Vinci Group style negative and personal attacks here in Trumbull.

The Trumbull DTC chose to have Dan Drew, and by extension Luxenberg to present their values at their convention. Dan Drew is not a leader and his election to Governor would result in further reductions in state aid to Trumbull. Unbalanced state budgets, higher taxes, and reduced services to towns like Trumbull would be a certainty with Dan Drew in Hartford.

In past years, we would be one month into a new municipal and state budget at this time.

The continued lack of leadership and incompetence at the state level is shocking to me. As your state representative I will continue to fight for Trumbull’s interests to ensure that your services are not reduced or eliminated by Governor Malloy’s proposed budget.

Good Luck to all, and remember when the election is over we all still live together in the same town!