A new entrance ramp in town?

Trumbull’s state representatives are backing a proposal to look into adding an entrance ramp to Route 25 at Whitney Avenue. The ramp would provide direct access to Indian Ledge Park and the Long Hill Green area of Main Street.

Currently there are entrances to Route 25 at White Plains Road and Daniels Farm Road, plus the Route 111 intersection where the four lane highway section ends. The Daniels Farm Road ramp is about 3.6 miles from the Route 111 intersection.

The bill, HB 6724: An Act Studying the Feasibility of Constructing an Entrance Ramp in Trumbull, is backed by all three state representatives who represent Trumbull, David Rutigliano (R-123rd), Laura Devlin (R-134th) and Ben McGorty (R-122nd). It is currently before the legislature’s Transportation committee. McGorty and Devlin serve on that committee.

The expressway portion of the Route 25 Corridor was completed in 1982. Part of that project included a planned entry and exit ramps off of Whitney Avenue. The state acquired the land and the required easements, but never started construction.

In the years since, the northern and eastern portions of Trumbull have been developed significantly, particularly Daniels Farm Road where Trumbull High School and Daniels Farm Elementary School are located. In turn, Daniels Farm Road has become the main entrance for all traffic going to the schools and to the northern parts of town. Trumbull has experienced very heavy traffic on surface streets as a result, given the proximity of this entrance to the main downtown area, Rutigliano said.

“Many of my constituents supported the original plan believing it to sound and thorough,” said Rutigliano. “The entrance and exit ramps to Route 25 on Whitney Avenue would alleviate the heavy and dangerous traffic on Daniels Farm Road and Main Street.”

Devlin said the feasibility study would be an important tool for the town in dealing with heavy downtown traffic.

“As a member of the Transportation Committee, I look advancing this proposal out of the committee,” she said. “The bill has my full support.”

Adding a new ramp would be the first step toward relieving traffic in downtown Trumbull, albeit 35 years late, McGorty said.

“Before that can happen, we must conduct this study, and I strongly su