Woman’s Club hosts police, K9 officer at monthly meeting

Changing communities for the better with volunteer services for the public to enjoy and benefit from — that’s the goal of the Trumbull Woman’s Club, and they’ve been doing it for years around town.

Every month, the club meets to plan or carry-out an event or service that helps the public. Club President Marcie Jantos and members collectively decide who the speaker should be. Marcie said she had a positive experience with a therapy dog as a hospital patient and one of her members suggested that the ladies host a Trumbull Police Department’s K-9 unit to show them what resources the police utilize on a day-to-day basis out in the field.

K-9 Officer Cyrus and his handler, Officer R.J. Carlson, came to the Trumbull Library with Officer Tim Fedor for a brief chat about a day in the life of Cyrus and what it was like training with him.

Officer Carlson said they do these fairly often, mostly in schools, with a goal to show residents what kind of protection they are under.

“The kids love it and they learn something too,” said Calson.

Carlson has been part of the K-9 unit for five years, and Cyrus has been by his side every step of the way.

Six-year-old Cyrus is well trained, gaining certification for tracking, apprehension and building searches

“It’s officer protection,” explained Carlson. “We don’t have to send officers into buildings anymore if someone is hiding. They can see behind doors, and we can’t. And 99% of the time, the man who is hiding will come out because they don’t want to get bit, and it saves us because we don’t have to go in.”

Calson clarified a largely asked question, how can the dog be left in the car on a hot day?

“If the anything ever happens [to the car] the windows will drop and the lights and sirens turn on,” said Carlson.

Unfortunately, Cyrus’ time of service is coming to an end. Carlson said that most police dogs serve until they turn eight.

“He loves work, he’s a working dog, but he’s going to have to get used to family life,” said Carlson.

Jontos said that the girls really enjoyed the presentation and would love to do something like this again.