UPDATED — Teen arrested after posting gun photo also threatened school

UPDATED February 20 10:08 a.m. — The 13-year-old arrested on disorderly conduct charges after posting a photo of himself online holding what appeared to be a handgun also made threats against unspecified schools, according to a Facebook post on the Trumbull Police Department's page.

Following the release of information regarding the youth’s arrest, several residents complained on the department’s Facebook page, accusing the police of heavy-handed tactics for what was assumed to be a joke.

“The Trumbull Police Department doesn't have enough real crimes, they have to make criminals out of a 13 year old kid for a stupid joke?” wrote one poster. Another commented, “Arrest for an airsoft gun. Way to ruin a kids life. Hopefully a judge just dismisses the charge.”

In response the department clarified that the student had in fact made threats against an unspecified school.

“Protecting our children is our highest priority,” the department posted. “The case is now referred to the courts who will adjudicate the matter.”

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Original story February 18 6:55p.m. — Trumbull Police have arrested a local youth for posting comments and a photo of himself on social media holding a handgun in a group text with other students February 17.

Trumbull police were notified after a parent of one of the other students in the group found the post on their child’s cell phone. The gun in the photo was found to be a replica BB gun. The youth purposely cropped out the gun’s red tip, which identified it as a replica, when he took the photo. It was later determined that this was an isolated incident, and that there was no apparent threat to the general public.

The 13 year old was charged with disorderly conduct and is scheduled to appear in court March 3.