UPDATED — Police incident at Royce complex was false alarm, residents may return home

UPDATE 7:00 p.m. —

An incident that put the Royce of Trumbull apartment complex into a police lockdown and stranded students at their schools was a false alarm, according to police spokesman Douglas Smith.

Shortly before 1 p.m. Trumbull police received word from another law enforcement agency that a woman was being held hostage in one of the apartments by an armed man. Police checked the information provided and learned that the man was also a fugitive.

Trumbull police, assisted by the Southwest Regional Emergency Response Team, closed the apartment complex and established a perimeter around the building. Police evacuated the nearby apartments in the complex for the safety of the other residents, and made numerous attempts to contact those in the apartment involved.

After police failed to contact the apartment’s occupants, the Emergency Response Team entered the unit about 5:30 p.m., but found it empty. The lockdown at the apartment complex has been lifted and residents may return to their homes.

The investigation is continuing and police are attempting to locate the unidentified woman who made the initial call to verify that she is safe and unharmed. During this incident, Trumbull police were assisted by Bridgeport police, and police dogs from Fairfield and Shelton.

3:30 p.m. — Police are advising residents of the Royce of Trumbull properties on Old Town Road to avoid the area if they are not home, and to remain inside their homes if they are due to ongoing police activities involving occupants of one of the apartments. In addition, the Trumbull schools are holding students who live at the Royce at their respective schools, according to police spokesman Doug Smith.

“At the present time we have a secure perimeter at the complex,” Smith said at 3:30 p.m. “Royce residents not home are advised to remain outside the complex as no one is being allowed in the main gate.”

Police are being assisted by several local agencies and emergency response teams, Smith said.

More information when available.