Trumbull volunteer fire department's Fire Log - Dec. 29-Jan. 4

Dec. 29, 2013-Jan. 4, 2014

The fire departments responded to a total of 20 calls in the last week. These calls included the following: A report of an odor of smoke in a building, investigate a burst water pipe, a request to assist EMS on the highway for a motor vehicle accident with injuries, a carbon monoxide alarm activation with no symptoms, a request to assist the police department with searching for a missing person, a chimney fire, an outside smoke in the area call, a possible brush fire, a request to respond to the Town of Easton for a structure fire, a motor vehicle accident involving a stationary object, and a carbon monoxide alarm activation with symptoms.

In addition there were 10 fire alarms that turned out to be unintentional activations, and alarm malfunctions.

For information about the volunteer fire departments, visit each department’s website.

For information about becoming a volunteer, call 203-459-0159.

Long Hill Fire Department

At 16:19 hours on Jan. 3, the Long Hill Fire Department responded to a Pondview Avenue residence for a reported chimney fire. Firefighters were advised while responding the caller stated he could see flames coming from the top of the chimney. Crews arrived on scene and began to investigate the situation. Firefighters found that the furnace was powered by natural gas and shut down the main control for the unit. Crews checked the chimney for active fire and any signs of charring from the flames. After checking the structure around the chimney for possible hidden fire, the crews advised the homeowner to have the furnace serviced to ensure it’s operating properly.

Once the situation was placed under control, crews returned back to their stations.

Nichols Fire Department

At 07:50 on Jan. 3, the Nichols Fire Department responded to a commercial property on Hawley Lane for a reported fire alarm. The first arriving fire chief began to check that alarm panel to locate the activated smoke detector. Firefighters narrowed down the location and checked for any sings of smoke or fire. Crews reported back that the area was clear.

After completing their investigation, the situation was placed under control, and firefighters returned back in service.

Trumbull Center Fire Department

At 17:39 on Jan. 4, the Trumbull Center Fire Department responded to a church on White Plains Road for a reported odor of smoke in the building. Responding units were advised that a firefighter on scene was also reporting that there was an activated sprinkler head flowing water in the building. Firefighters were able to shut down the water to the sprinkler head and found that a light ballast had a minor fire in it. The fire marshal was notified of the incident.

Crews checked for any possible hidden fire in and around the light fixture. Once complete, crews were placed in service, and returned to their quarters.