Trumbull volunteer fire department's Fire Log - Feb. 23-March 1

Feb. 23-March 1

The fire departments responded to a total of 21 calls in the last week. These calls included the following: Two separate reports of heavy smoke coming from a chimney, an odor of natural gas in a commercial property, an odor of gasoline in a house, a motor vehicle possibly leaking gas, a dryer fire, a utility wire down in the roadway, a motor vehicle accident involving a utility pole with wires down on top of the car, four separate carbon monoxide alarm activations with no symptoms, and a motor vehicle accident rollover.

In addition there were eight fire alarms that turned out to be unintentional activations, and alarm malfunctions.

For information about the volunteer fire departments, visit each department’s website.

For information about becoming a volunteer, call 203-459-0159.

Long Hill Fire Department

At 08:30 hours on Feb. 25, the Long Hill Fire Department, with assistance from the Trumbull Center Fire Department, responded to a Fresh Meadow Drive residence for a report of a dryer fire. The first fire chief on scene began his investigation and reported back there was a light odor in the house possible from a belt on the dryer. Crews checked the appliance and the area around it for any signs of hidden fire. Crews reported back to the on scene chief that the cause of odor was from a burnt belt on the appliance. Power was disconnected to the dryer and the occupant of the house was advised to have it serviced.

Once the situation was placed under control crews were released from the scene and returned to service.

Nichols Fire Department

At 05:58 on Feb. 23, the Nichols Fire Department, with assistance from the Trumbull Center Fire Department, responded to Merritt Boulevard for a report of a motor vehicle accident rollover. While units were en route to the scene, they were updated that the driver of the vehicle was trapped inside of it. Crews arrived on scene and reported a single car accident on its side. Firefighters removed the patient and medical personnel on scene took care of the driver. Firefighters stood by on scene awaiting the arrival of the tow truck to upright and remove the vehicle.

Once the vehicle was cleared from the scene units were released form the scene and returned back to their quarters.

Trumbull Center Fire Department

At 09:29 on Feb. 24, the Trumbull Center Fire Department responded to Trumbull Road for a report of a car vs. utility pole accident with wires on top of the vehicle. The first arriving fire chief on scene reported a dump truck with the dump body up and caught in the wires. The power company was notified of the situation and responded to the scene also. Once the power was cut to the affected wires the vehicles occupant was able to get out of the dump truck.

Upon completion of the safe removal of the driver, the situation was placed under control and all of the units on scene were returned back to their stations.