Trumbull volunteer fire department's Fire Log - April 20-26

April 20-26

The fire departments responded to a total of 27 calls in the last week. These calls included the following: A utility pole with wires on fire, a low hanging wire, a bon fire, a public assist call, a brush fire, a possible structure fire, an illegal burn, a tree on fire, a mulch fire, smoke in a house from a fireplace, a truck leaking fuel, a burning plastic odor in a residence, mutual aid to the Town of Shelton, a carbon monoxide alarm activation with no symptoms, and a request to assist EMS with forcing entry to a residence.

In addition there were 12 fire alarms that turned out to be unintentional activations, and alarm malfunctions.

For information about the volunteer fire departments, visit each department’s website.

For information about becoming a volunteer, call 203-459-0159.

Long Hill Fire Department

At 20:26 hours on April 24, the Long Hill Fire Department with assistance from the Trumbull Center and Nichols fire depts. responded to a Ridgebury Drive residence for a possible structure fire. The first arriving fire chief began the initial investigations of an electrical problem with a hot tub on the 2nd floor. Firefighters reported a light smoke condition throughout the house. Crews disconnected the power to the hot tub and checked for possible fire extension into the walls. Crews reported that a heating unit shorted out causing the problem. Firefighters ventilated the house to remove any residual smoke.

Once the operations were completed, crews were released from the scene.

Nichols Fire Department

At 13:54 on April 25, the Nichols Fire Department responded to Nichols Avenue in the area of the Route 8 south bound entrance ramp for a reported brush fire. The first arriving fire apparatus reported a grassy area about 12 foot by 12 foot was burning. Crews extinguished the fire and thoroughly wet down the area to ensure the fire was out.

Firefighters picked up the equipment used and were placed back in service as they returned back to their stations.

Trumbull Center Fire Department

At 10:32 on April 24, the Trumbull Center Fire Department, with assistance from the Nichols Fire Department, responded to a Strobel Road residence for a report of smoke in a house from a fireplace. The first arriving fire apparatus confirmed the initial dispatch and began to extinguish the fire in the fire place. Crews checked for signs of extension around the fireplace and chimney. Firefighters reported that strong winds may have caused a back draft down the chimney cause the smoke to fill the house. The structure was naturally ventilated to remove any residual smoke by opening all the doors and windows.

Once the situation was placed under control crews were released from the scene and returned to their quarters.