Trumbull volunteer fire department's Fire Log - May 4-10

May 4-10

The fire departments responded to a total of 20 calls in the last week. These calls included the following: A carbon monoxide alarm activation with symptoms, two separate calls for a telephone pole on fire, two separate carbon monoxide alarm activations with no symptoms, a kitchen fire, check a problem with a gas stove, an illegal burn that is close to a house, a basement fire, a motor vehicle accident fluid spill, a small brush fire, and a motor vehicle accident car fire.

In addition there were six fire alarms that turned out to be unintentional activations, and alarm malfunctions.

For information about the volunteer fire departments, visit each department’s website.

For information about becoming a volunteer, call 203-459-0159.

Long Hill Fire Department

At 16:34 hours on May 8, the Long Hill Fire Department, with assistance from the Trumbull Center and Nichols Fire Departments, responded to a Locus Street residence for a reported kitchen fire. The first arriving fire chief began directing crews with tasks to stretch a hose line into the structure and extinguish the fire. Crews reported back that there was extension of the fire in the cabinets. Firefighters over hauled the burned area to ensure the fire was out. Firefighters also ventilated the structure to remove any residual smoke. The fire marshal also responded to investigate the call.

Once the situation was placed under control firefighters were released from the scene.

Nichols Fire Department

At 14:14 on May 7, the Nichols Fire Department responded to a Huntington Turnpike residence for a report of water in the basement with utilities threatened. Firefighters arrived on scene and reported back that there was 6 plus inches of water in the structure. Crews stated that the water heater in the house had shut down from the amount of water covering the unit. Firefighters used submersible pumps to start removing the water from the basement. Crews remained on scene for an extended amount of time to remove the water then made sure the water heater was shut off and disconnected to remove any potential hazard.

Once the situation was placed under control, crews returned back to their stations.

Trumbull Center 

Fire Department

At 16:39 on May 10, the Trumbull Center Fire Department responded to a Lindberg Drive residence for an activated carbon monoxide alarm with symptoms. The first arriving fire chief began to meter the structure while the medical on scene tended to the occupants. Firefighters performed an additional check of the house with the meter and found no elevated readings of carbon monoxide present.

Once the situation was placed under control units cleared the scene and returned back to their stations.