Trumbull volunteer fire department's Fire Log - Aug. 18-24

Aug. 18-24

The fire departments responded to a total of 12 calls in last week. These calls included the following: A call to check an illegal burn, a propane leak in a house, a motor vehicle accident with entrapment, a report of water in a basement, an odor of smoke outside, a request to assist EMS on the highway at a motor vehicle accident with injuries, an odor of natural gas, and a leaking propane tank.

In addition there were three fire alarms that turned out to be unintentional activations, and alarm malfunctions.

For information about the volunteer fire departments, visit each department’s website.

For information about becoming a volunteer, call 203-459-0159.

Long Hill Fire Department

At 17:59 hours on Aug. 19, the Long Hill Fire Department responded to an Elliot Circle residence for a reported odor of natural gas in the front yard. The first arriving chief on scene met with the homeowner and began to investigate the situation. Firefighters confirmed the reported odor and began to meter the area to narrow down the source of the odor. Crews found a propane tank that had been filled previously that day had purged from built up pressure. Firefighters also metered the residence for any possible hazards.

Once the odor had dissipated, the situation was put under control and crews returned to their quarters.

Nichols Fire Department

At 10:38 hours on Aug. 18, the Nichols Fire Department responded to the Pinewood Lake Clubhouse on East Lake Road for a reported outside propane leak. The first arriving fire chief found a 50 pound propane tank that was leaking at the regulator. Firefighters metered the structure for any possible hazards inside once the tank was shut down. Once the tank’s valve was closed, the leak had stopped. Crews advised the occupants to not use the tank until it could be serviced by a technician.

After the secondary metering of the tank and building showed no signs of propane present, the situation was placed under control. Firefighters cleared the scene and returned back to quarters.

Trumbull Center  Fire Department

At 13:22 on Aug. 22, the Trumbull Center Fire Department, with assistance from the Long Hill and Nichols Fire Departments, responded to Reservoir Avenue in the area of Geraldine Circle, for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. The first arriving fire apparatus on scene reported a single vehicle on its side. Crews confirmed one person was still in the vehicle unable to get out. Firefighters stabilized the vehicle to prevent it from moving as crews worked to free the driver. Additional crews disconnected the batteries and checked for other potential hazards. Once the driver was removed from the overturned vehicle, EMS personnel on scene handled the patient care.

Firefighters stood by until the car was removed from the accident scene. Once the roadway was clear, crews were released to return back to their stations.