The Trumbull Police Department's detective bureau is investigating a series of motor vehicle burglaries that took place at the Trumbull Racquet Club and Planet Fitness back on Jan 11.

According to a press release, police are looking for two to three African American male suspects who were reportedly seen driving a silver Chevy Captiva around the Lindeman Drive businesses.

Trumbull police Lt. Leonard Scinto said three cars were broken into and that purses were stolen from each vehicle.

The purses were later recovered in a dumpster behind a KFC in Ansonia, Lt. Scinto added.

"One male would exit the vehicle and look into parked cars," the release said. "If another vehicle approached, he would pretend to be doing warm up stretches."

The vehicle would move around to different parking spots while casing cars, the police said, and then the suspects would "rapidly" break into the cars by breaking windows.

The suspects were believed to have broken into cars in Ansonia using a similar tactic.

According to a police description, the vehicle has tinted windows, an unknown license plate and dark air vents behind its front wheel wells.

In addition to the robberies at the local gym, the suspects are believed to have used the vehicle to burglarize a Trumbull residence.

The press release said that the style of burglaries were similar to past incidents connected to multiple towns with suspects using rented cars and moving up and down the east coast, while staying in hotels.

The detective's bureau asks residents to call 203-261-3665 with any information.