The Trumbull Police Department was one of only five police agencies throughout Connecticut to receive an award for “Efforts to Promote Officer Wellness Programs and Initiatives for Your Officers.”
Several Trumbull officers attended a training program that was sponsored by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association in New Haven, and were recognized for their efforts. This “Serve Well, Be Well” training covered aspects of caring for officers from hire to retire and beyond.
The training discussed the importance of learning from previous traumatic experiences. It explained how to prepare for and handle the stress that officers are under, and the cumulative affect it may have on them from the time of the incident and for years after.
The training explained how others recovered, both mentally and physically, from a traumatic experience in which they experienced and how they were still be dealing with the effects.
The department earned this award for its formation of a peer support team within the department. This team is comprised of a group of Trumbull officers, who are available to help fellow officers cope with stress or traumatic events in which they may have been involved. Officers interested in seeking peer support may feel more comfortable and open to speaking with a fellow officer and memberof this peer support team through difficult times because fellow officers may have a better understanding of what they are dealing with. All of the information that is discussed is kept confidential.
Officer Timothy Fedor was recognized for his role as a peer leader and trainer with the support team. Sergeant Christopher Barton was recognized for his role in the peer support team, and as a peer leader. Sergeant Robert Coppola was recognized for his role in the peer support team.
Chief Michael Lombardo, who was recognized for his efforts in getting the Trumbull Police Department involved in this program, said that to be recognized by the Connecticut Chiefs of Police Association as one of the leaders in this critical area of promoting health and wellness forofficers is a great accomplishment for a police department.