Trumbull police arrest officer featured in A&E cop show

Sergeant Stacey Lyons responds to a domestic violence report in a scene from the A&E police show Live PD.
Sergeant Stacey Lyons responds to a domestic violence report in a scene from the A&E police show Live PD.

A Bridgeport police sergeant featured on a live-action A&E Network police show has been arrested by Trumbull police following a domestic incident involving her former boyfriend.

According to reports, Stacey Lyons, 33, was arrested at her home in Shelton early Sunday morning. She was charged with disorderly conduct and released at the scene for court Monday.

Trumbull police said they received a call from a Trumbull man reporting an altercation with his ex girlfriend. He told police that he had gone out for the evening and returned home with a female friend. The two went upstairs and a short time later he heard his garage door open.

When he went downstairs he was confronted by an angry Lyons, who had apparently let herself into the house using the garage door’s security code. The two had broken up about two weeks ago, he said. He told her to leave and she allegedly refused, then tried to get past him to go upstairs.

A verbal altercation ensued, which then escalated into physical one. Police said when they arrived he had a minor abrasion on his arm that appeared to be from a bite. He also had a scratch across his nose and eye area. He declined medical attention.

Shelton police went to Lyons’ house and saw her car in the driveway. Trumbull police went to the house and spoke to her, and she said that the couple had not broken up and she got upset when she learned he was with another woman.

According to multiple reports, Lyons has been reassigned to desk duty pending further investigation and has surrendered her service weapon and two other guns.

Lyons was featured in the premier episode of the A&E real-time police show Live PD, including one segment when she responded to a domestic violence complaint and spoke about the lingering effects of domestic violence and assisted in confiscating three guns from a domestic violence suspect. The episode aired Friday night.