Trumbull Police Log: Burglary, criminal mischief, asleep at the wheel and more

Stealing from a neighbor

A Trumbull man is charged with allegedly stealing about $6,000 worth of items from a neighbor.

Police said Robert Rubino, 19, of Suzanne Circle found a key to the neighbor's house in a bag left on the porch.

He allegedly took items including a Rolex watch, a few hundred dollars in change, two iPads, and more.

He was arrested April 16 and charged with third-degree larceny and third-degree burglary.

He was given a $35,000 bond and an April 23 court date.

Breach of peace in department store

A man police said touched himself in a women’s clothing department at Lord & Taylor was charged with criminal mischief in the second degree and second-degree breach of peace.

Albert Patino, 41, was seen by a customer and captured on security footage. Police said he left the store after the incident and was stopped by security when he returned on a separate occasion.

He was given a $5,000 bond and an April 29 court date.

Stealing from a sibling

An 18-year-old Trumbull resident was charged April 16 with stealing his brother’s possessions.

Peter Basel, 18, of Main Street allegedly stole items including a guitar, space heater and iPhone and was selling the items.

He was charged with fourth-degree larceny and given a $1,000 bond and an April 23 court date.

Asleep at the wheel

Police charged a Mayfield Drive resident with driving under the influence after police said they found him pulled over on the side of the road, asleep, with the car in drive and his foot on the brake.

Robert Zaleski, 42, was arrested around 11:30 Saturday night after failing field sobriety tests. A Breathalyzer also revealed he was over the legal limit, police said. There were empty beer and alcohol bottles in the vehicle, according to police.

Burglary and larceny

A Bridgeport man was arrested for stealing from a Trumbull home.

Nicholas Kulish, 25, was served a warrant April 19 for fourth-degree burglary and fourth-degree larceny. Trumbull police said the investigation into Kulish included Fairfield Police.

Kulish was allegedly spotted in a few neighborhoods. Police said he attempted to see if residents were home by knocking on doors and saying he was looking for a lost dog. He would try to gain access to the homes through basement windows.

He was given a $50,000 bond and a April 29 court date.