Town employee facing drug charges

A Trumbull man is facing multiple charges after police allegedly caught him preparing marijuana to consume before heading to his municipal job.

According to police, an officer on patrol shortly before 2 p.m. July 11 spotted a vehicle in a parking lot on White Plains Road. The vehicle was parked in the back of the lot, and the driver was slouched in the seat, police said.

The officer walked up on the car and said he saw the occupant, Nicholas Pauciello, 20, with a sheet of paper on his lap, sorting what appeared to be marijuana, separating seeds from leaves. When confronted by the officer Pauciello handed over the material and explained that he had wanted to get high before he went to his job at Tashua pool, police said.

A search of the car also allegedly turned up a fake New Jersey ID, rolling papers, a scale and an additional amount of marijuana exceeding an ounce.

Pauciello was charged with marijuana possession, intended sale of a controlled substance, and second-degree forgery. Bond was $1,000 for court July 19.

Officials at the town Parks & Recreation Department confirmed Pauciello worked as an ID checker at Tashua. When informed of the arrest, officials said they would look into the matter and that Pauciello could face disciplinary measures for violating the terms of his employment.