Touch-a-truck and more at EMS open house Sunday

Every day, kids grow up hearing the sirens of the ambulances drive by their houses from time to time. They will rush to the front window, trying to get a glimpse at the truck zipping by, and are easily awed by the flashing lights and the immense power that the siren emits. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars  are all designed to instill the feeling of urgency and, quite often, some kids are scared of them. They do not understand that they are here to help. That is why Trumbull EMS is hosting an open house Sunday, May 19 from 12 to 4 p.m. at 250 Middlebrooks Avenue in Trumbull. Designed to make kids more comfortable with their hometown heroes, while educating the general public with what Trumbull EMS is all about, the day will be packed with fun and games for people of all ages to enjoy and participate in.

One of the most anticipated activities of the day will be a touch-a-truck. Great for kids of any age, and even curious adults and parents to enjoy. Everyone will be granted permission to get an all-inclusive look inside the trucks heard day in and day out. Ambulances from EMS will be included, as will police cars and fire trucks. Inside the trucks will no longer be a mystery, and participants will get a hands-on experience that will never be forgotten.

Furthermore, games and activity stations will be set up and designed strictly for children to become more aware of life-threatening situations, and how to act during those situations. Information such as bike safety and 911 calling will be covered. Scavenger hunts, demonstrations, and contests will be going on throughout the day to help further and expand their knowledge. One of the big prizes that is up for grabs for students is the chance to ride an ambulance to school. Arrive to school in style on one of the coolest trucks in town.

Snacks will be available for purchase, as well as first aid kits. All proceeds will benefit Trumbull EMS in order to better the services to the town.

Information regarding how to help serve the town of Trumbull in EMS will be available as well.