Three Bridgeport women arrested for larceny at Westfield Trumbull Target

Three Bridgeport women were arrested for larceny at the Target inside the Westfield Trumbull Mall around 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 29.

Police said Alessia McKnight, 23, was charged with larceny in the fourth degree for stealing $1,023 worth of beauty care products and children’s clothing from the department store.

Police also charged Brionna Foster, 24, and Carlaesha Robinson, 22, for stealing $1,022 and $734 worth of items, respectively.

According to a report, the three suspects were observed by the store’s loss prevention department pushing carts that contained large tupperware bins inside of them.

The women placed clothing and beauty care products inside the bins before McKnight took hers out of the cart and walked out of the store without paying for it or any of the items inside.

While a loss prevention officer stopped McKnight right outside of the store, Foster and Robinson tried to leave through another exit with their bins.

The two shoplifters were also stopped by Trumbull loss prevention and held until Trumbull police arrived on the scene to transport them to headquarters.

All three women were processed and were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, July 6.