TPAUD launches marijuana use campaign — It’s coming to a mailbox near you – possibly yours

Across the US, states have passed laws de-criminalizing recreational and medical use of marijuana. These laws however, have prompted strong reaction on both sides of the issue.

Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking & Drugs (TPAUD), has launched a unique and very informative marijuana educational campaign designed to reach parents, children and young adults ages 10 to 21. A series of eight eye-catching and informative postcards that highlight the risks of marijuana use by youth will be rolled out from now until next February to more than 2,500 homes in Trumbull.

From driving under the influence of marijuana, to the effects on learning, to having “The Talk” about its use, the campaign provides facts and information on how legalized marijuana may not be “safe” for teens. “Our teens are inundated with messages that marijuana is harmless, non-addictive, and even beneficial, while there is evidence that there are significant risks for our

teens. The overall goal of this campaign is to start a dialogue between parents and their children, to educate teens about the reality of marijuana use,” explained Melissa McGarry, Project Director of TPAUD.

Using funding from a five-year Federal Grant, TPAUD embarked on a mission to engage and mobilize youth, parents, and community partners to reduce youth alcohol and drug use and create a safe and healthy community. In the years since its existence, TPAUD has engaged in outreach on alcohol use and abuse but is now expanding its efforts and strategies to reduce youth substance abuse including marijuana and prescription drug use. In addition to reaching out to parents, TPAUD works closely with school staff, administrators and student groups to provide programs, speakers and educational forums in the schools.

Since 2006, TPAUD has been visible in the community delivering prevention and education messages, including ads, signage, community and school events, community partnerships, as well as the implementation of an anonymous TipsLine and prescription drop box in the Trumbull Police Station. You can find out more at or on Facebook.