Student walkout planned for Trumbull High

UPDATE 3:34pm — Police Chief Michael Lombardo said he is aware of the planned student walkout March 14, and has had discussions with Supt. Gary Cialfi about the possibility that large numbers of students could be participating in a demonstration during school hours.

"It appears to still be in the early planning stages, but I have spoken to Dr. Cialfi about it," Lombardo said.

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ORIGINAL STORY 10:43am — Trumbull High students will be among those nationally participating in a planned walkout in recognition of the national conversation regarding mass shootings in schools.

According to the Instagram page we_speakout students will walk out of class and to the football field on March 14. There they will hear from community leaders, fellow students, and those who have personally experienced a connection to recent tragedies.

The message promises a chance to reflect on the recent tragedies, and a discussion of ways to come together as a community "to ensure our schools are secure and that our lawmakers hear the voices and opinions of everyone they represent."

Students participating in the demonstration will not be subject to disciplinary measures and police will be on hand to ensure a peaceful event, according to the post.

More information when available.