State Police detectives seize weapons, cash, and narcotics

State Police detectives from the Statewide Narcotics Task Force Southwest office (SNTF-SW) and the Statewide Urban Violence & Cooperative Crime Control Task Force (SUVCCC) seized firearms, narcotics and cash after serving a search and seizure warrant in Bridgeport.

On June 13, detectives from the SNTF-SW and SUVCCC conducted surveillance on an apartment at 182 Hanover Street in Bridgeport after receiving intelligence information that the resident, William Akeem Hooks, 29, was trafficking assault rifles and other firearms that were being obtained from southern states along the east coast.

While conducting surveillance detectives witnessed Hooks conduct the sale of a firearm. The firearm, a GSG-522 .22 caliber rifle with a pistol grip and silencer, is classified as an assault rifle and was seized by detectives.

SNTF-SW and SUVCCC detectives later observed Hooks leaving the residence in a vehicle and conducted a motor vehicle stop with the assistance of the Bridgeport Police Department.

William Hooks was arrested without incident, at which time he was found to be in possession of 1 gram of ‘crack’ cocaine, marijuana, and $1,320 in cash. Hooks’ 2005 Dodge Magnum was seized as evidence and transported to Troop G-Bridgeport where it was searched by detectives via a search warrant.

Detectives also served a search warrant on Hooks’ apartment where they seized a loaded Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 .22 caliber rifle with a high capacity magazine, which is classified as an assault rifle, and was reported stolen from Darlington County, South Carolina. Also seized was a loaded Glock Model 26 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a high capacity magazine.

Hooks was transported to Troop G where he was processed and held on bond pending his court date. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) was contacted and a referral was made for two children, under the Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Program, who were in the apartment. All weapons seized were transported to Troop G where they were held as evidence.

Hooks was charged with illegal sale or transfer of an assault weapon, possession of narcotics, two counts of possession of an assault rifle, theft of a firearm and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Bond is $500,000 for Bridgeport Superior Court June 14.

Seized weapons included:

Weapon #1: GSG-522 .22 caliber rifle w/pistol grip and silencer — classified as an assault weapon

Weapon #2: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 .22 caliber rifle w/high capacity magazine - classified as an assault rifle & reported stolen out of S. Carolina

Weapon #3: Glock Model 26 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a high capacity magazine

Anyone who may have, or thinks they may have any information regarding illegal activity is encouraged to contact State Police with any tips. Text TIP711 with the information to 236748 or call 1-866-HLS-TIPS. All texts/calls will be kept confidential.