Shelton man arrested for stealing from Home Depot

A Shelton man was arrested for criminal trespass in the first degree and larceny in the third degree at Trumbull Police Headquarters at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Sept. 21.

Police said Gregory Oppel, 29, stole $2,293 worth of items from the Home Depot at 90 Monroe Turnpike on Aug. 24. He turned himself in on an arrest warrant that was written the following day, Aug. 25, after Trumbull detectives determined that Oppel pawned the stolen goods for $740 at a pawnshop in Fairfield.

According to a report, a Bridgeport detective assisted Trumbull police with the case, as Oppel had a history of shoplifting at several Home Depots across the state.

On May 5, he was arrested for larceny at a Home Depot in Derby and was given a one-year ban from any store location, which triggered the criminal trespassing charge.

Trumbull police added that Bridgeport police also had a warrant out for Oppel and were tracking his car with a GPS device when he committed the crime on Aug. 24.

The report said that Oppel pawned a faucet, two chainsaws, a paint sprayer, a nail gun, and a pair of expensive drill sets hours after stealing the items.

Trumbull police obtained video from Home Depot and the pawnshop, and were able to confirm the suspect’s identity with help from Bridgeport police.

According to the report, Oppel had pushed the items through a hole in a fence in the store’s garden center.

He was held on a $20,000 bond and brought to court Monday, Sept. 21.