Resident victim of 'Grandparent Scam'

Trumbull police were able to recover $8,500 in cash that an elderly resident had been scammed out of June 1, according to police.

The resident had received a phone call from a male who identified himself as a police officer from the Boston Police Department telling him his grandson was in jail after being arrested on drunk driving charges. The caller told the resident to send $8,500 for bond money to an address in Boston. The resident did as requested and sent the cash via the U.S Postal Service.

Shortly afterward, the grandfather was able to make contact with family member and found that his grandson was not incarcerated and this was a scam. Trumbull Police were notified and contacted the Postal Service. Officials from the Postal Inspection Service in Boston were able to intercept the piece of mail, stopping the cash from being lost and they are currently investigating.

Law enforcement agencies regularly receive reports of this activity, which has been dubbed “The Grandparent Scam.” Callers pretend to be the grandchild, an attorney or other official, asking for money to be sent via wire transfer or mailed for bond money or medical treatment to various locations, including popular vacation destinations in other countries.

Trumbull police ask residents if this happens to them to do the following:

  • Slow down, remain calm, get the callers information and tell them you’ll call them back;

  • Try to contact the grandchild or other relatives to confirm even if asked not to;

  • Call the police agency involved for confirmation;

  • Tell the caller you will have someone deliver the money in person;

  • If still unable to confirm, contact your local police for assistance.