Report: Check forging scheme cost Trumbull non-profit agency $25,000

A Bridgeport man is facing charges after an alleged check forging scheme drained more than $24,000 from a Trumbull-based non-profit agency’s account.
According to police, a representative from the Kennedy Center informed the department last year that the organization suspected unauthorized checks had been written and cashed at Newtown Savings Bank. The checks had been written on a dedicated client expense account, which had a $300 transaction limit.
In November, state police notified Trumbull officers that an employee at the Department of Motor Vehicles had found blank Kennedy Center checks on a copy machine at the department. The machine was in an area not accessible to the public.
Further investigation, and a review of the department’s surveillance camera footage showed a man, later identified as Isaac Jones, 27, placing something on the machine and making copies, but apparently forgetting to remove the original before walking away. Jones sometimes works for the Kennedy Center supervising its clients when they are out on jobs working as office cleaners. The DMV uses the service to clean its office.
Police also identified Jones’ vehicle from the security cameras at local ATMs. More arrests are expected, police said.
Jones was charged with second-degree forgery and first-degree larceny. The total value of the checks Jones is alleged to have forged is $25,041, police said. Jones turned himself in June 12. He was released on a promise to appear in court June 14.