Police warn of distraction burglaries in town

Trumbull Police are warning residents about a series of distraction burglaries in the area that involves suspects identifying themselves as utility workers.

One of these crimes happened Wednesday on Reservoir Avenue, according to Police Lt. Leonard Scinto. Two men went to a home, saying they were troubleshooters for water company.

“Suspect one was described as a white male, approximately 6’ tall 30-35 years old wearing a white construction type hard hat and an ID attached with a lanyard around his neck,” police said. “The second suspect was described as a Hispanic male approximately 5’10. 55-60 years old.

“When the resident began asking questions and to see an ID, suspect 1 reportedly got on a radio and reported the resident was giving him a hard time and then he threatened to shut the water off,” police said. “The second male arrived and pushed his way past the elderly residents in the doorway and began turning on the faucets."

The resident lost sight of one of the suspects at one point and after they left she discovered jewelry missing from her dresser. Residents are urged to call the police department as soon as possible if they suspect someone is impersonating a utility worker.