As Black Friday looms with the rest of the holiday shopping season, the Trumbull Police Department has begun to prepare for an increase in pedestrian traffic — as well as shoplifting — at one of the town’s primary business hubs.

That’s why the police opened a substation at the Westfield Trumbull Mall Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Located on the mall’s northeastern upper level between Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, the new office can be utilized by officers working the special duty assignments  and the officers assigned to patrol that portion of town.

“The substation will be intermittently occupied by an officer during the hours the mall is open for business,” said Trumbull Police Chief Michael Lombardo in a press release Wednesday.

The office, which will be open year-round, will be equipped with emergency first aid equipment, an AED, and can be used for officers to write reports, as well as take complaints. Additionally, the space will allow for suspects to be detained temporarily.

The substation also has a direct phone line and the number is 203-371-0417.

“The substation will enhance both police services and police presence for mall patrons especially during the holiday season,” the release said.

On Tuesday, First Selectman Tim Herbst was on hand to cut the station’s red ribbon, marking Trumbull police’s official presence inside and outside of the shopping outlet.

Previously, the department had a substation in the mall that operated for 30-plus months before shutting down in March.

The new office should have a similar life expectancy, based on a lease agreement with the mall.